The New Age Disease

We see it everywhere, licensed practitioners, healers, guides, gurus and shamanic priests and priestesses. He hear it through the air, gongs, Om’s, chants, mantra, bansuri, kale green smoothie please, ultra-soft and feminized tones coming from the mouths of men…The New Age is littered with nonsense, and here’s why.

First of all, let’s break down some of these terms the people use in the “New Age” / Holistic field.

Witch. Shaman. (priest). Healer. Guru. Guide. and a million other terms I do my best to scrub from my brain.

Let’s be real here, you either are these things naturally, in your “soul blueprint” / DNA, or you “train” to emanate the qualities, wisdom, knowledge and practices of one.

A witch is someone who naturally, instinctually has a connection to subtle energy, and willfully uses the Will to create a desired outcome.

Same for a Shaman. a Healer. A Guru. A Guide. A light worker, Reiki fanatic. Meditation coach, Chakra balancing practitioner, water healer, ass kisser, blabla.

All in all, EVERYONE is the SAME, in that we have the ability to tap into the more subtle energies of reality (the MIND, unseen energy / subconscious, unconscious brain / body, energy field) and use the WILL power (conscious mind) towards an outcome based on our Direction / Compass, which is polarized by their aim and focus (which can be towards greater wellness, or greater chaos). This moral compass / direction comes from one’s connection and awareness of a higher mind / reality, or not. When not, one is sucked into a self-absorbed hole of despair, a Hell.

The true distinction amongst humans, is two-fold.

First, there are those that are aware of their power, and there are those who are not.

The ones who are not aware do not matter, because being unaware of the personal power over one’s reality, (by knowledge of the subtle energies of the mind, body “ether”) makes one powerless, insignificant, and merely pawns and energetic batteries for those who have directive over the “magick”.

In the category of those who are aware, they either use that knowledge / wisdom to align / direct towards higher life (increased consciousness, wellbeing), or lesser life (lower desires, primal mind).

I believe the magic is to blend the two, and raise up our primal mind into a conscious activity that is fueled with Shakti/Dark/Demon power, but raised up into a union with the Will of Shiva/Conscious mind.

These so-called witches, healers, use a plethora of words to feel kinship over their methods of collective practice so that they can collectively recede into the bland wallpaper of complacency. A true witch, Master, Healer, Guru, Leader, does NOT align to terms, to collective phrases. The awakened being simply IS. He or She simply IS themselves, in that full honest expression of that wonderful journey to unite the polar charges within us through refinement, self awareness, and self-developmental practices and activities that bring about this Union and actualization of self.


If you want to be a leader,

you are going to LEAD

and surpass all the terms, labels and words that try to define your method, your medium, your process, and your results from the ability to use your WILL to bring about Desired outcome, led by a morally conscious directive from a refined process of thought / higher mind.


I find that every time I try to define myself, I disservice myself.

I am not a poet, a writer, a teacher, a yogi, a performer, an artist, a healer, witch, a minister, an expert, a scholar, an occultist…

I am a Master, over myself.

and thus, I Lead

and I lead through the example of my lifestyle choices for myself.

My poetry heals, inspires, my presence heals, my teaching assists in other’s self-awareness, and my personal directive Will makes me a witch, an occultist, a shaman, a healer, an artist who uses the method of my words, my body, my Mind to channel messages from the scholarly study at an expert level.

But who cares.

I won’t sit here and tell you all the things I am.

Oh fuck, maybe I just did.

But my stomach still churns and I laugh every time I meet a “healer”.

Does any one get my point?





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