The Take Down; a Kingdom of Kings


Our enemies lie

They lie beside us.

Our victors left

They left us with the duty

To be victorious

is to become notorious

and condemned in the eyes of oppressors.


Condemn me, for my faults are my guidelines

my flaws are my screwed perception

my draw-backs spring me forward when i fall

my short-comings keep me going longer

my weaknesses become my apexes for hexes and vexes.


I’ll stayed too long, nailed upon my own cross-section

between mind and body

seeking help from nobody

eyes blinded by a thorny crown of mockery.


When I claim myself as king

I do not take away your throne.

We must claim our seats within our castle

and be a kingdom of kings.

Because the current kings are outside of ourselves

and must be taken down.



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