Spiritual Ego / Mask

Can I tell you what the problem is?


The problem is that people fluff up their public image, their work, and believe in an ideal, which is far from real.

And they post it online. Make a website. Twitter. Facebook page. Description, mission statement. Services, pricing, contact, about me, check out my stuff…..

But the truth is that this is all bullshit. Everyone is bullshit.

No one is enlightened. That’s the point of life. No one can really teach, everyone’s a student.

Self-proclaimed leaders and teachers and healers are nothing more than fading glimmers of light in a dark space. A true actualization of self isn’t in the projection of one’s light onto the world. It is a earnest understanding of the  duality of the self and being, and being true to that, to this impermanence of self, in this overthrow of a new-age self-idolatry that is meant to “Serve” while enhanced by a sale, to be sold, to pay a damn bill, and smile on your spiritually-savvy website social media, and so-called life.

We all feel the same shit, jealousy, distrust, despair, anger, lust, greed.

Projecting polished faces do not help assist humanity in the “transcendence” of the “consciousness of the planet”…it only creates more false masks for us to sift through.


Hey you,

get over yourself.

get over your mask

your spiritual ego.


Take it all off.



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