To steal is to remove what doesn’t belong.


I am a thief

cleaning out the unclaimed ideas of who I am

unchecked baggage from other worlds

labels to remove

integrity to prove

I’ve divorced the conditions

and erased the terms

I’ve seeded my soil

and removed the worms.



A diet of the mind

a streamlined sense of self

I want to be selfish

but cannot get out of this frame


If i can’t find light outside of my self

then let the lights shine bright

i’ll put up a good show

and showcase my stolen goods

donated antiques

I have empty shelves

carving out my home

yearning for more space

for more freedom

for less things

and the weight they bring.


I am stealing my belongings away from myself

so that i may weigh lighter

so that I let the light shine brighter

shadows can’t exist if there’s nothing to obstruct the beam.


I’ll be the chief

and the thief

cleansing my home

from all belief.



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