If I sat down with my dad

and shared with him the things I am best at

I would show him who I become after a few whiskeys.

I would show him the perfect spliffs I roll.

I would show him my performance art.

I would tell him how many people fell in love with me,

what kind of impact I’ve had in the dark, after hours,

that I’ve found a way to think for myself

to express myself

that I’ve resisted the system as best I can

so that I can be my own Man.


I am real, like you, and have my own humane faults.


I think the ultimate victory in this world is to be You.

To be who you are.

To be individually driven,

and socially giving, yet social is not the focus.

The loneliness of man is cured in a mission

larger than himself

being in charge of himself

abiding to a higher power

even if that power is simply an atonement of individual expression, a freedom of being, a rebellion of self, a liberation of soul.

I have murdered enough ideas and lessons to be told about crime against myself

My whole life has been a rape of my spirit

and I am now finding forgiveness for myself, for allowing the intrusion of foreign ideas that made me a victim

and I am breeding a new profound sense of self

that is alive

and awake

in the brimming power

of a conscious life.

If I decided to sit with you on the basis of sharing

I would tell you that I am a complete anarchist. 

and i am continuing your legacy.





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