The test of our Lives.

To be a victor,

to be the jesus of the heart

a judas of personal gain


where are our allies, our team, our domain?


How can we be free when we are addicted to restrain?

I’ve been stopping myself in expression but locally caught on a train



through the mountains of my own dominion

a perpetual winter i’ve climbed for education

to be brainwashed in the rules of a system

when i want to resist them.


I think I was happier as a slave.

My own slave.

I knew my container, my space, and made the best of my abilities.


Maybe the greatest lie we tell ourselves is Freedom.

We are never free.


We are enslaved within ourselves, within our lives, within our physical body.

We are bound to flesh and disease, discord and rooted like trees.

We are held down

only to be taught about patience

while serving out terms.


Hand in the paper, midterm, final,

how did it go?


I am currently working on my life’s midterm.

And I think I’m failing.


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