Check it at the Door

When we find a deepening road to the core of ourselves, a land of truth within our landless soul, centered location, in a  placeless world, we are stabilized in an impermeable knowing, a grand sense of familiarity, an eternal notion to life, continuing beyond death.


When we rise to be who we really are,

check you insecurities at the door.


When we stand tall in our truth,

let the low fruit fall off your branches.


We seem so quick to doubt ourselves, to question ourselves, even if we feel that we have a secure sense of self.

When we’re alone, you know who you are, your private jokes, laughs, cries, joys and sorrows. You know what it’s like to be heartbroken on the floor, alone, to be sick and helpless, to be restless and willing to connect, to love, to communicate.

We have endless opportunities to offer ourselves validation to authenticate our unique experience, and yet we still care if someone will like us, love us, validate us and our experience….validate our existence.

Yes, I see you, I hear you.

We have become familiar in the habit of losing ourselves, hiding ourselves from ourselves, and we try to find truth in other people’s false perceptions.


Keep your truth.

Stand your ground.



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