Don’t Be Fooled

There is a sweet soliloquy that emerges from a beautiful form, like an encompassing aura that lures us in….like a trap.

The “beauty trap” is getting absorbed into someone else’s vain aura, where they place their mental energies into the power and impact of their physical beauties on their environments, other people, and to themselves. Someone like this can thrive off of the romantic partners, social media likes, and self-adoration masked by humbleness (because humbleness is more attractive), where the disillusionment is a disability to understand meaningful connection deeper than topical, than lustful….

The obsession with a vain approach to one’s beauty is a disease of the soul, as it separates physical reality from its deeper origins and counterparts.

What happened to digging deeper into life?

What happened to wanting to connect on an unseen level, to work from the unseen realm vantage point?

What happened to human connection?

What happened to soul?

I value authenticity. I value soul. I value human support.

I value encouragement, sincerity, motivation, compassion.

I value an open heart.

I value an open mind.

I value a heart that is active,

I value a mind that is discerning,

a directive will

a fire of the soul

a spark in the mind

a warmth in the heart.


Maybe we are all goldie locks, 

trying out the beds of different bears,

trying to see what fits right. 

In every first date, 

we are the fool, 

tasting the flavors of someone, 

and sensing the directive course of that journey. 

Check please. 


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