Have you ever felt that gut-wrenching dismay at feeling the urge for love, for fire to burn, and you are not sure how to make the fire? You want to love so hard, so freely, so powerfully, yet do not know what to do to make that love flow.

My life has been this feeling, at different levels and degrees, but always this.

I want to scream, explode, rip off my clothes and break down walls. I am over the silence. I cannot hear the distance. I cannot bare this instance, of me, crying on a couch, wailing in privacy, because I am frustrated that I feel my compass point obviously towards you, like a distant pole I have always dreamed of.

I want to be able to express love freely. To be unrestrained in my expressions of love, receiving and giving, enjoying and expressing…

Why is everyone so afraid of love? Why is everyone on guard?

Everyone is locked in this selfish hypnosis in their own greedy and validation seeking minds

i’m over it all.




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