power purchase.

Can we be bought with money? How hard is it to actually buy someone? People pay their attention for free sometimes.

If someone gives us what we want, do we give them us? How can someone purchase our time? To be kept like a pet in the house, accessible, perceivably free, yet dependent upon the superiority of the alpha.

i’ve been on the north side watching the empire state building alit in red. The indication of where I can be, where I am on the south side, looking up at this glowing tower,  modern day marvel and blasphemy.

would my choice be a marvel or blasphemy?

am i building bonds, or binds?

am I making the boldest move, or am I acting in fear?

am I supporting a healthy self image,

or am I supporting a facade.

am i walking into a beautiful trap?

or is the trap my own mind, conspiring constantly…

a brain from trauma, foreseeing disaster, tragedy

finding happiness in ignorance

but fearful that this ignorance might blind me to the largest thing

a danger, a fate? something at my fingertips

i must focus on where my power is

where i am powerful

in myself, in the happenings of my life

even when they seem so dependent upon

a source greater than me

..to stay in my heart. that is my power. and that cannot be bought.


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