in a wonder

the purple hue melts over my skin

rising smoke from my fingertips

your scent lingers on me.

you bring so much light, i work in the shadows.

little things, like the third bottle of wine being the right one.

it’s like i am thrilled, and calmed at the same time.

when you’re introspective, it’s an easy and a lonely comfort, to sink within the self, hiding within the folds of our own character, our flaws ornately framing our reality.

to be with someone for days. you see them, but you’re really seeing you.

i use some reflections as opportunities to view myself, and adjust. i like to believe that i am always improving myself from these reflective fixes.

i’m liking who i am. i’m feeling a sense of identity, a sense of loving connection in this world. it’s like the echo of a heart in a sea of silence and noise, calamity and serenity. you are my storm, my oasis.

having someone like me, love me, is changing the way i view myself.

this is the sort of love that brings faith back to my heart.

and it’s faith from gratitude.


i am conditioned with conditioned love.

the feeling that someone loves me for me, and the freedom to be me and have someone love me, is immense. i can do anything my heart desires. and there is this love here. what a blessing. i want love in my life. i’m so grateful for it. wow.

to feel love unconditional, is life changing.


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