i didn’t want a war.

i want more peace. the more i press for peace, my love song became sirens.

lullabies unheard, your voice was lost to me when the sun set, when i longed for your words most.

your love met me from far away

i wanted you close, a longing for myself

maybe i had to meet you

to meet myself.


to lose you

to find myself.

i found myself

lost in you

and now you’re lost from me


i manifest you, in a fortifying torment

a vacant pleasure,

longing for the absence of your touch

i’ve known love with bars so well

that i believed they were needed

for love to be there


i’m sorry. a million ways beyond my own faults.



things were prettier with a poetic distance.

ugly was found between us

a defensive fear,

insecurities lingering near,

attacking in opposition to preempt a fight..then mask with the guise of maturity.
this is a man’s game, right?





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