power purchase.

Can we be bought with money? How hard is it to actually buy someone? People pay their attention for free sometimes. If someone gives us what we want, do we give them us? How can someone purchase our time? To be kept like a pet in the house, accessible, perceivably free, yet dependent upon the … More power purchase.


I used to be one too, a coward, hovering with the safety of games, playing with hearts, and breaking them all. The more I broke, the more powerful I felt. Most people play games, they’re narcissists, they provoke ambivalence…when you show affection, they back away. When you pull away, they come along. These people don’t … More Cowards


  Venus loves to hear the song of her beauty, echoing her orbits, shining back to her in reflection…she is vain and proud, and must be lived, loudly, boldly. Gold is not mute. Gold shines. Gold reflects. Gold has structure and melts with the right temperature. Maybe you triggered the right heat within me, and … More Reward

Don’t Be Fooled

There is a sweet soliloquy that emerges from a beautiful form, like an encompassing aura that lures us in….like a trap. The “beauty trap” is getting absorbed into someone else’s vain aura, where they place their mental energies into the power and impact of their physical beauties on their environments, other people, and to themselves. … More Don’t Be Fooled


  If I sat down with my dad and shared with him the things I am best at I would show him who I become after a few whiskeys. I would show him the perfect spliffs I roll. I would show him my performance art. I would tell him how many people fell in love … More Legacy: ANARCHY

Arise, Trojan Style

  Seemingly instantaneous, my rules are broken, my castles shatter and I am back into the freedom of a vice-full experience The walls we use for discipline and structure also become our barriers, the bars to the prison cells we hold ourselves in, ideologically, and in effect, actuality.   I became my own trojan horse … More Arise, Trojan Style


I wish I had answers. Notions and blind indicators steer my way, yet isn’t enough to bring me a thing. I’ve been hunting for some time, and have come back eating my bait. I can’t get myself straight, and maybe I don’t want to. The blandness of lines and boxes haunts me like caskets I … More Answers