i didn’t want a war. i want more peace. the more i press for peace, my love song became sirens. lullabies unheard, your voice was lost to me when the sun set, when i longed for your words most. your love met me from far away i wanted you close, a longing for myself maybe … More fallen

in a wonder

the purple hue melts over my skin rising smoke from my fingertips your scent lingers on me. you bring so much light, i work in the shadows. little things, like the third bottle of wine being the right one. it’s like i am thrilled, and calmed at the same time. when you’re introspective, it’s an … More in a wonder


this is what i do. 5:44AM, shivering in my living room, lights on. obnoxiously. i want him to know, even subconsciously. i can’t fight, there’s no true battle there, just masks of armor on a dumb little brain, protecting a lost heart, living a ritual of confidence, i probably spend more time in angst, when … More real.


Have you ever felt that gut-wrenching dismay at feeling the urge for love, for fire to burn, and you are not sure how to make the fire? You want to love so hard, so freely, so powerfully, yet do not know what to do to make that love flow. My life has been this feeling, … More whatever.